Give It a Try and win iPhone 6s for Free

o-IPHONE-6-PLUS-facebook.jpgAt present, you can view a number of advertisements on the web, which are offering you free gifts like iPhones, promo codes, complimentary visa gift card etc. Most of the time we think that it is fake and never give it a try, but, in reality, such offers are genuine and indeed James a 19 years old boy from Texas had given it a try and own IPhone 6s for free.

You must be amazed to hear this right! Do You want to know how he did it?^8FF5B24E4E7705C02F900B4733A8A5DACB4D94C9DA155B291E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Well, here is the story-

As James is a student, he used to browse different websites in order to collect free notes. Once, he was searching for free e-notes, he found out a website, which was offering iPhone 6s to the winners of online quiz conducted by it. The criteria for participating in the online quiz was the participants must be above 18 years old.He found it interesting and registered his name to participate in the quiz. The sample of the registration form is given bellow:^0473DA5F9826BDAD9B7BA34BEBC45D72E80FDB3265DE1B6506^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrIt was around 15 questions set and the time limit was 15 minutes. All questions were easy and related to current news. As, he was a student, he was aware of all current news and easily answer all 15 questions correctly. After submitting the test within few minutes, he got a message that “ yes! you have done it- Congratulations for winning IPhone 6s. Thank you for participating in our quiz”.  espanol-iphone6-rumorv3.jpgTo receive the prize he just filled a participation form, where he filled his name, his address, his review towards the website etc.

I am sure that now you believe in online quizzes and their genuineness. So what are you waiting for? Just start your online quiz and take your IPhone 6s. All the best!